Are you ready to build your business? Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has land for sale across established industrial estates throughout Queensland. Find land lots to suit any-sized operation:

Are you searching for industrial land in Queensland to expand your business or establish a new venture? Look no further!  Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) presents a great opportunity with strategically located industrial land for sale across established estates throughout the state.  Whether you’re a large corporation or a small-scale enterprise, our industrial land lots cater to businesses big and small.  With a certainty of zoning, tenure, and flexible contract terms, EDQ empowers businesses to thrive and grow.

Featured Estates

Aldoga Industrial Estate

Aldoga Industrial

9,700 ha

Access to infrastructure corridor

Yarwun Industrial Estate

Yarwun Industrial

1,300 ha  •  Access to Port

Heavy Industry Precinct

Sunshine Coast Industrial Park

Sunshine Coast Industrial Park

3km Hwy  •  7km CBD  •  31.6km Airport

Racecourse Rd, Caloundra

Find a new home for your industrial business

EDQ’s projects are mapped below. Zoom in or switch to satellite mode for more detail, or view details of all our estates. Please note locations are approximate – refer to each individual estate page for precise maps and survey data.

Why buy industrial land from EDQ?

  • Our land is strategically located for industrial development
  • Certainty of zoning and tenure, and
  • Our contract terms enable you to make a thoroughly informed decision to purchase.

If you have a project or development in mind, talk to us to find out more about buying industrial land from EDQ today.

Buying Industrial Land Process

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EDQ provides industrial land solutions to help start or grow your business