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Providing industrial land solutions to help grow your business

EDQ’s industrial property portfolio covers almost 20,000 hectares of land across Queensland, including fully developed estates and undeveloped parcels.
Sites are:

  • strategically located to meet demand for a range of industrial uses
  • innovative in design
  • developed estates are built with quality infrastructure
  • close to transport links. 

Download: Industrial Development - Providing industrial land solutions to help grow your business (PDF, 1.9MB)

Buying industrial real estate in Queensland through EDQ

There are significant benefits in buying land through EDQ. Businesses are offered a range of contract terms to assist owner occupiers, tenants and developers through due diligence and development application processes.

EDQ’s five step process outlined below helps guide you through the buying process:

Identify location and potential site

EDQ has industrial real estate across Queensland and many of these lots are designated, or tailored, to suit particular uses

Contact us

Discuss availability and site details

Interested in buying a parcel of land?

Fill out and return our easy to complete application form.

Application reviewed by EDQ

 We will not deal with any other interested parties while the lot is under application.

Contract issued

We offer flexible contract terms to allow you to obtain all
necessary approvals.

EDQ aims to support communities by retaining existing industry and attract new investment to increase economic and employment growth, particularly in the regions.

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