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Arundel Industrial Estate


Arundel Industrial Estate is located off the Gold Coast Highway, on Harrison Street, and constists of a range of low impact industry allotments, ranging from 1,800 sqm to 14,000 sqm in size.

Triggered by the activity after the last sale at the estate, EDQ commissioned a study to measure the Arundel estate's direct and indirect flow-on benefits to the economy.

The study revealed, as of the end of 2016, that the estate has generated approximately 386 full time equivalent (FTE) positions and is estimated to contribute approximately $146.53 million (in 2016 dollars) to the SEQ economy.

The most significant industry sectors in terms of contribution to employment are:

  • manufacturing: 140 FTEs
  • construction: 59 FTEs
  • professional, scientific and technical services: 31 FTEs.

The estate has changed considerably over the life of the estate with many businesses establishing a home for themselves in Arundel. The estate is a mixture of both owner/occupiers and developers, with the last lots selling predominately to developers.

Arundel Industrial Estate is home to a Driving School, ABC Bricks, ABL Distribution, MSA 4x4 and nutrition company Morlife Foods, which was the first company to buy a block in the estate and built a multi-million dollar facility. 

It is estimated at build-out that the estate will contribute approximately $255.38 million (in 2016 dollars) to the SEQ economy and contribute 671 FTE positions to employment.

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