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Future industrial estate releases

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) continuously plans and develops industrial real estate across Queensland to ensure the long term supply of industrial land is managed in a way that enables future private sector involvement.

EDQ provides land solutions to help retain existing industry, promote employment as well as attract new business investment and development in Queensland. The land that is developed by EDQ has been designed to accommodate a wide range of industrial uses and is:

  • strategically located
  • serviced
  • innovative in design
  • built with quality infrastructure.

A number of industrial locations are currently in planning or construction phases throughout Queensland. When they reach the market, these future estates will offer prime industrial property for businesses.

Willowbank Industrial Park

The Minister for Economic Development Queensland owns approximately 548a of land adjacent to the Cunningham Highway, west of Ipswich within the Western Corridor Precinct that includes Willowbank.

The Western Corridor precinct has also been:

  • identified as a Regionally Significant Employment Area and Regional Development area under ShapingSEQ - South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017
  • identified as future industry area since 1993.

Recent analysis undertaken on behalf of EDQ has demonstrated that there is a limited and diminishing supply of industrial land within the Western Corridor. Willowbank is ideally located—providing links between productive areas and industries, workforces and consumers.

Willowbank represents a strategic opportunity to establish an industrial precinct that will meet South East Queensland’s industrial land requirements over the medium to long term. The proposed estate strategy is to develop a number of effectively planned stages that will optimise land allocation, meet end user requirements and provide the right conditions for economic growth.

EDQ lodged a Development Application with Ipswich City Council for a Reconfiguration of a Lot and Material Change of Use over 100 Hectares to establish Willowbank Stage One. With approval granted in 2017, this initial stage will include 18 lots plus 2 balance lots varying in size from 8000m2 to 20ha.

It is forecasted that Willowbank Stage One will deliver over 2500 Full Time Equivalents jobs by 2035.

View a plan of the proposed Willowbank Industrial Park.

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