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Yatala Industrial Park

Yatala Industrial Estate was originally established in the 1980s to cater for a range of light, general, heavy and food industries.

The 40 hectare estate has lots ranging in size from 2,000m2 to 10,000m2. With all lots now sold, Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) commissioned a regional economic contribution study to measure the impact of the major industrial estate on the South East Queensland (SEQ) economy.
The analysis involved classifying economic activity by standard industry classifications on a lot by lot basis, generating employment estimates by industry sector, estimating business output by industry sector, modelling the estate’s output by industry sector and estimating the direct and indirect contribution to the key measures of contribution.

A site inventory undertaken by Economic Associates in November 2015 identified there were 106 tenants within Yatala Industrial Estate, occupying land areas between 472m2 and 3.1 hectares in size.

The economic study also revealed the contribution to employment by Yatala Industrial Estate is estimated at approximately 2,785 full time equivalent positions (FTEs), comprising 1,495 direct FTEs and 1,290 indirect FTEs.  The most significant industry sectors in terms of contribution to employment were:

  • manufacturing: 1,072 FTEs
  • construction: 393 FTEs
  • professional, scientific & technical services: 226 FTEs
  • transport, postal & warehousing: 195 FTEs.

In terms of value added (or contribution to Gross Regional Product (GRP)), Yatala Industrial Estate is estimated to contribute approximately $365.22 million (in 2015 dollars) to the SEQ economy.  This contribution to GRP is comprised of approximately $203.29 million in direct contribution and approximately $161.93 million indirectly.

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