Future Industrial Estate Releases

EDQ is developing several industrial locations throughout Queensland, currently in planning or construction phases. When these future estates reach the market, they will offer prime industrial property for a range of businesses.

EDQ provides land solutions to help retain existing industry, promote employment as well as attract new business investment and development in Queensland.

Industrial land developed by EDQ is:

  • tailor-made for industrial development
  • designed to accommodate a wide range of industries
  • strategically located
  • serviced
  • innovative in design, and
  • built with quality infrastructure.

Future Estates:

Willowbank Industrial Park

Willowbank represents a strategic opportunity to establish an industrial precinct that will meet South East Queensland’s industrial land requirements over the medium to long term.

The Minister for Economic Development Queensland owns approximately 548a of land adjacent to the Cunningham Highway, west of Ipswich within the Western Corridor Precinct that includes Willowbank.

The Western Corridor precinct has also been:

  • identified as a Regionally Significant Employment Area and Regional Development area under ShapingSEQ – South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017, and
  • identified as future industry area since 1993.

Willowbank is ideally located, providing links between productive areas and industries, workforces and consumers.



The declaration of the Mackay State Development Area (SDA) in February 2024, marks its status as the 12th SDA in Queensland. This designation will open up additional land, facilitating a diverse array of industrial development opportunities aimed at bolstering the economy. Leveraging its robust sugar industry and thriving resources sector, including significant mining equipment, technology, and services clusters, the Mackay SDA will capitalise on the region’s established strengths.  These strengths encompass traditional rural industries such as cane growing and milling, while also attracting investment in emerging sectors like renewable energy and biofutures.

This provides a great opportunity for the Mackay region to capitalise on new opportunities that strengthens the future economy. The area is strategically located for emerging industries such as biomanufacturing, given its access to feedstock, access to market and established involvement in the industry. 

The Mackay SDA includes 907 hectares across two locations, Racecourse Mill and Rosella.

Racecourse Mill is about 5km west of the Mackay central business district and offers short to medium term opportunities for pilot type projects to build on the existing sugar mill, refinery, and cogeneration power plant, and Queensland University of Technology Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant.

Rosella is located 10km from the Mackay central business district, positioned close to the road and rail network. The area offers a greenfield location suitable for larger footprint and higher impact industries in the medium to long term.

This EDQ-owned land offers many strategic locational advantages in terms of access to the Bruce Highway for regional and interstate connectivity, the Mackay Ring Road for access to the Mackay Port and regions north of Mackay, Homebush Road connectivity to the Peak Downs Highway and Bowen Basin, proximity to North Coast Rail corridor.

It is well suited to industrial activities, sharing many of the attributes of the Paget industrial area further north and provides opportunity for the establishment of a southern gateway hub to the Mackay Region. This strategic location has been acknowledged in both Council and State Government planning frameworks for industrial development.


Bohle Plains

The Proposed Bohle Plains Industrial Estate presents the opportunity to provide approximately 400 Ha of strategically located industrial / commercial land for the Townsville and North Queensland economy. The developable area of the Bohle Plains site has the potential to yield over 500 new lots.

EDQ has undertaken a master planning of the site, and this planning presented an initial framework and staging plan which will allow the flexibility to support the wide range of light to medium industrial uses that may be required over the life of the development.

The sites physical attributes, environmental and visual values form a key component of the planning undertaken, providing for an integrated and well-functioning estate that supports business needs while safe guarding key landscape connections.


Clinton Stage 6 (Red Rover Road)

The Clinton Industrial Estate (CIE) in Callemondah is generally acknowledged as one of Gladstone’s prime industrial estates and a desirable location given its proximity to the port, airport, highway infrastructure and the Gladstone State Development Area. It is also close to the Gladstone commercial centre and its residential workforce can easily access the area for employment.

EDQ have gained development approval for a major extension of the CIE on approximately 103.5 ha of land fronting Red Rover Road. Of the 103.5 ha the development approvals allows for the development of 43.9 ha. This will ensure that Gladstone and Central Queensland have adequate industrial land to meet future demand for primarily larger lots (4000m2) catering to medium impact industrial needs and opportunities for the region.


Cairns South State Development Area (CSSDA)

The Cairns South State Development Area (SDA) was established to facilitate economic growth and diversification of the Cairns economy as well as job creation to support the long-term needs of the Cairns region.

Declared in November 2018 and varied in February 2020, the 1159-hectare Cairns South SDA provides land for regionally significant industrial development over two separate areas.

The northern part of the Cairns South SDA is located east of the Bruce Highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale at Wrights Creek and will enable the development of industries that require large blocks of land, extended operating hours and separation from sensitive land uses. Being adjacent to the Bruce Highway and North Coast Line, this part of the SDA offers a key opportunity to support anticipated trends and growths in the rail freight sector, including increased volumes of freight and longer trains.

The southern part of the SDA is located adjacent to the Mulgrave Mill in Gordonvale and will support future diversification plans for the Mulgrave Mill, including industrial development opportunities that value-add to the sugar refining process.

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) owns approximately 240ha of land within the CSSDA, for intended high and medium impact industry.


Sunshine Coast Industrial Park – Stage 2

Following the sale of all industrial lots within the first stage of the Sunshine Coast Industrial Park, EDQ plans to release its second and final stage located in Caloundra. Stage 2 is approximately 30 hectares of developed land providing 41 industrial lots that range in size from 4,000m2 to 1.4 hectares.

Construction has commenced, with land to be available for sale in early 2024. The release of this land will go towards addressing the current shortage of supply in industrial land on the Sunshine Coast.

Click here to see the Sunshine Coast Industrial Park – Stage 2 Plan.